Hairline Orthodontic Treatment

A straight smile is important for a number of reasons. From your career to your relationships, numerous studies show that crooked teeth can hold you back. If you’ve been struggling with a smile that’s less than perfect, the team at New Hampshire Orthodontics wants to help. We’re here to address issues with your malocclusion and create a straighter, more even appearance that can transform your life for the better.헤어라인교정추천

If you’ve recently experienced a sharp pain in your tooth when biting down, it could be a hairline crack. There are different types of fractures, and the severity will determine your treatment options. A Craze Line – These are thin cracks that don’t extend all the way through your tooth. Often, these aren’t painful and don’t require treatment. Fractured Cusp – These types of cracks tend to happen around fillings and usually don’t reach the pulp inside your tooth. This type of fracture usually doesn’t cause any pain, but it can be unsightly.

A cracked tooth that’s extending into your gum can cause an infection that might require a root canal or extraction. If the crack extends to your nerve, you might need to be put under for a root canal or have the tooth removed altogether. To avoid this, make sure to let your orthodontist know about any troublesome bite issues right away.모우다의원