Hair Transplant – What Happens After the Operation?

a hair transplant

Hair Transplant – What Happens After the Operation?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that relocates healthy hair follicles from areas of thick growth (the back and sides of the scalp) to areas where there’s baldness or thinning. It’s a safe, effective treatment for men and women who have tried other common hair loss treatments but want more permanent results.부산모발이식잘하는곳

The surgeon’s skills and experience make a big difference in how successful your hair transplant is. Choose a clinic that specialises in the type of surgery you need, and check that your surgeon is fully trained to perform it.

Before the procedure, you’ll have a consultation with your surgeon. They’ll take details of your medical history, examine your scalp and hair and explain the procedure to you. You’ll be asked about your expectations and goals for the surgery. Your surgeon will explain whether a transplant is the right option for you. They’ll also talk about what you can expect to happen after the operation, including how long it takes for the transplanted hairs to grow naturally and how many surgical sessions are needed.

The procedure itself is painless because your surgeon will use local anaesthesia to numb the area of your scalp being treated. They’ll also give you medicine to relax you. Your surgeon will either remove a strip of your scalp, called the donor area, or remove small groups and individual hairs from your head. Whether you have a full strip removed or micro-grafts done, your surgeon will create a line of stitches to close the donor area.

You can usually wash your hair after a hair transplant within about three days, but you must be careful not to touch the grafts. Your surgeon may tell you to wear a bandage, and it’s important to follow their instructions for care so the grafts heal properly. They might also ask you to cut down on vigorous physical activity for a few weeks.

Most of the new hair follicles will start growing by themselves within a few months. But it can take up to nine months for the full effect of your transplant to show, and this varies from person to person. Thick, dark-coloured hair will usually provide more coverage than thin, light coloured hair.

After the grafts have grown, your doctor will assess the results and may schedule follow-up appointments at four to six-month intervals. It’s important to attend these to monitor your progress and assess your success.

Most people who have a hair transplant find their new hair grows quickly and looks natural. However, you’ll need to commit to keeping your hair in good condition after the procedure by having regular check-ups with your doctor and following their advice on hair-care products. If you don’t, your new hair might not look as natural and it might become thinner over time.청담모바로의원